Low Light Image Enhancement

Hi Everyone!! Have you ever been a victim of bad low light photography? Or does your phone not capture as good low light images as it claims? Have you ever thought of creating your own tool for low light photography? If your answers to all these questions is YES then Read more…

Editing Images using OpenCV

Hola !! Have you ever wondered how fuzzy and time consuming image editing apps are? Wish if they were simpler and customizable? Wanna know how? Then, let’s go ahead and learn !! Today, we are going to create a program that will let you resize, rotate and flip your images Read more…

Adding Tongue Filter on Image

Hola people!! Do you love clicking pictures with different filters but bored with the same old apps around and want to develop your own filter then you are on the correct desk. Don’t worry, here we have an amazing filter developed in python to amuse you all. We have developed Read more…

Invisibility Cloak using OpenCV

Hey folks!! Do you remember the good old days of Harry Potter? Do you remember Harry Potter’s magic wand and his Invisiblity Cloak? Wasn’t it amazing? Have you ever wanted to wear that cloak? Have you ever wondered how life would be if you had the superpower of being invisible? Read more…

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