Face Detection with openCV

Face detection is a type of application in computer vision where algorithms are developed and trained to properly locate faces or objects (in object detection, a related system), in images. These can be in real time from a video camera or from photographs. Haar Classifier: Haar cascade can be used Read more…

Haar Cascades

Haar cascade is based on “Hare wavelets” which refers to a sequence of rescaled “square-shaped” functions which together form a wavelet family or basis. Cascading training is done to extract the important features in the image for example in case of face detection eyes, nose etc. are the important features Read more…

Background subtraction in OpenCV

Background subtraction is a way of eliminating the background from image. To achieve this we extract the moving foreground from the static background. In OpenCV we have three algorithms to do this operation: 1. BackgroundSubtractorMOG It is a Gaussian Mixture-based Background/Foreground Segmentation Algorithm. 2. BackgroundSubtractorMOG2 It is also a Gaussian Read more…

Image smoothing techniques: Part1

As we have seen, the images obtained after performing operations like masking, segmentation etc. also contain noise which is generally not desirable in image processing as it creates disturbance in the output. Hence it becomes necessary to remove noise from the image.  Image smoothing  removes high frequency content like noise, Read more…

Color segmentation:

Color segmentation is a method to separate out objects from the image based on its different color intensities from other objects in the image. Color space: RGB: The most commonly used color space is RGB( Red, Green, Blue ) which is also known as additive color space as these primary Read more…

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