Steps to installation on Mac OS :

  1. Install Xcode .
  2. Go to the Terminal and  make a directory of dev using command   $mkdir dev.
  3. Download the Flutter SDK form here .
  4. Now unzip the flutter sdk in your terminal using command.

5- Now that we have downloaded the Flutter SDK, we need to add Flutter to our $PATH so that we can access Flutter globally. This varies from shell to shell, bash, we can simply run this command.

6- You can find the instructions to update the Flutter PATH here. Once you set up the PATH, you should then be able to confirm installation by running:

Installing Dart (Optional)

Once Flutter is installed, you may also want to install Dart.. You need to install Homebrew in order to get Dart on your machine. You can install Homebrew by using the following command:

Once the installation is complete, you can install dart easily using brew.

Now after installing Android Studio , Xcode and Flutter in Your Machine , you can run the flutter doctor command check.

Voillà, Flutter is now Installed in your Mac System and now can start working on Flutter projects.

Thanks Ajay Sharma for helping us to grow day by day. He is expert in app development and flutter.

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