In this article we learn about step-by-step installation Flutter in Android Studio on Windows OS.

Steps for Installation:

  1. Download and install Android Studio.
  2. Then Install Git for windows with Windows command prompt option enabled during installation.
  3. Open Command Prompt by either writing cmd in Run window or by using Start Menu like Start=> Windows System => Command Prompt (in Windows )
  4. Get the Flutter SDK, now execute the following code in Command Prompt:

5-The above command will download the flutter in the current working directory. Now to run the flutter commands you have set the Path in the environment Variables.

Go to `Control Panel -> User Accounts -> User Accounts -> Change my environment variables

Under User Variables select ‘PATH’ and Click Edit to open the below given Window and edit it or else Click on New to create this Variable and give the Path of Flutter\bin :

6- Restart windows to fully apply this change.
7- Open the command Prompt and run the flutter dockor.
8- It will show some error mostly to Install Android SDK and Android Studio

9- Now open Android Studio, on the Screen click on Configure -> Plugins as shown in the

10- On the Next screen, click on Browse repositories button and then OK

11-Search for Flutter and Install the plugin as shown:

12- This will ask to install Dart also as Flutter is dependent on Dart. Select Yes for that

13-Once the plugin is installed just restart your Android Studio and your plugins will be added to your Android Studio IDE.and you can add new Flutter Project in Android

Anddd Voilà! Flutter has been successfully installed in your Machine.

That’s all I have and thanks a lot for reading. Please let me know if any corrections/suggestions. Please do share and comments if you like the post. Thanks in advance… 😉

Thanks Ajay Sharma for helping us to grow day by day. He is expert in app development and Flutter.

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