Sentiment Analysis of Tweets using NLP

Hey guys ! In today’s blog, I’ll be explaining how to perform sentiment analysis of tweets using NLP. Sentiment analysis (a.k.a opinion mining) is the automated process of identifying and extracting the subjective information that underlies a text. This can be either an opinion, a judgment, or a feeling about a particular Read more…

Descriptive Statistics Part-2

Earlier we discussed about how mean is calculated and useful for the Statistics and DataScience. Here we will talk more about median, Lets start discussion on it. Median: Median is also important measure of central tendency. It also helps to represent our dataset in a single number. Median represents that Read more…

Descriptive Statistics Part-1

A measure of central tendency is a summary statistic that represents the center point of the dataset. As the name suggest, it is the tendency of data to cluster around center value. These measures indicate where most values in a distribution fall and are also referred to as the central Read more…

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