WhatsApp Chat Analyzer

Howdy! In today’s blog, I’ll be guiding you on how to create a WhatsApp Chat Analyzer. So, lets first talk about the utility of this project and how will we do that. The basic idea behind this project is to generate API which can store all our predictions in MongoDB. Read more…

Sentiment Analysis of Tweets using NLP

Hey guys ! In today’s blog, I’ll be explaining how to perform sentiment analysis of tweets using NLP. Sentiment analysis (a.k.a opinion mining) is the automated process of identifying and extracting the subjective information that underlies a text. This can be either an opinion, a judgment, or a feeling about a particular Read more…

Introduction to GRADIENT DESCENT

Gradient descent is an optimization algorithm for finding the minimum of a function. To reach the minimum of a function, we take steps proportional to value of the gradient vector at that point (which is always negative). Thus we keep on decreasing the parameter values to reach the minimum. Gradient descent Read more…

Temperature Prediction Problem

Problem Statement : This problem and the datasets are given in Kaggle and we can download the dataset from here. The dataset comprises of the time stamped weather conditions recorded at different places during the year 1940-1945. The dataset is further decomposed into two sub datasets that are : Stations_info.csv Read more…

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