Web Page Deployment on AWS EC2

Hey Folks!! Isn’t it cloudy today? Yeah! Let’s match-up with the weather and exercise some Cloud practices. In today’s blog, we’ll learn how to host a static website through EC2 instance on Amazon AWS. Let’s go through the tasks we’ll be implementing now- Launching an EC2 instance through the AWS Read more…

Introduction of AWS

AWS: AWS(Amazon Web Services) is a secure cloud platform that provides the services to create the virtual resource like VMs(EC2), storage(S3) ,databases(RDS) etc. AWS is the subsidiary of Amazon and that provides on demand cloud computing platform. Data centers across world are managed by Amazon. AWS comprised more than 90 Read more…

Cloud Computing Service Models

Earlier we discussed about the cloud computing and why we need cloud computing. Here we will talk about service and deployment models for cloud computing. There are below three cloud computing service models: IaaS – Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is an instant computing infrastructure, provisioned and managed over the Read more…

Cloud Computing

What is Cloud ? Cloud is a collection of computing resources which are accessed through the internet. What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing provide the servers,vms,storage and many more by using software and hardware. Users can create VMs, access any files from the storage,provide access to the users etc using Read more…

AWS Certification Exams

The AWS certifications are divided into four main categories: Cloud Practitioner Certifications Associate Level Certifications Professional Level certifications Speciality Level Certifications Cloud Practitioner Certification: Candidate who is good in aws fundamentals can clear the exam easily. Exam Details Level Foundation Cost 100 USD Format of the Question MCQ (one correct Read more…

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