Transfer file using Python

Transfer the files from one place or mobile to another using Python Using socket programming , we can transfer file from computer to computer, computer to mobile, mobile to computer. Python Code: Server Code: Client Code: Output: transferring file computer to mobile This project is contributed by Kajal Chaudhary

Python Dictionary Part-3

Q-1.Write a Python program to remove duplicates from Dictionary. Input: student_data ={‘rollno_1’:{‘name’: ‘Sara’ ,’class’: ‘V’, ‘subjects’: [‘english, math, science’]}, ‘rollno_2’:{‘name’:’David’, ‘class’: ‘V’, ‘subjects’: [‘english, math, science’]}, ‘rollno_3’:{‘name’:’Sara’, ‘class’: ‘V’, ‘subjects’: [‘english, math, science’]}, ‘rollno_4’:{‘name’:’Surya’, ‘class’: ‘V’, ‘subjects’: [‘english, math, science’]},} Output:{‘rollno_1’: {‘name’: ‘Sara’, ‘class’: ‘V’, ‘subjects’: [‘english, math, science’]}, ‘rollno_2’: Read more…

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