Sudoku Solver using OpenCV

Solving a sudoku is all about putting digits between 1 and 9 into a square, 9×9 grid, subdivided into 9 boxes. But, the value of a cell cannot be repeated among any of its peers. In today’s blog, I’ll explain how to create a sudoku solver using OpenCV. The steps Read more…

Generating Slow Motion Videos

Heya! You know what, I love making slowmo videos. Who doesn’t love slow motion videos but unfortunately not every smartphone has this feature. I know many of you wonder about making your own tool for creating slow motion videos. Don’t worry peeps! We got it covered for you. By the Read more…

WhatsApp Chat Analyzer

Howdy! In today’s blog, I’ll be guiding you on how to create a WhatsApp Chat Analyzer. So, lets first talk about the utility of this project and how will we do that. The basic idea behind this project is to generate API which can store all our predictions in MongoDB. Read more…

Low Light Image Enhancement

Hi Everyone!! Have you ever been a victim of bad low light photography? Or does your phone not capture as good low light images as it claims? Have you ever thought of creating your own tool for low light photography? If your answers to all these questions is YES then Read more…

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